Lecce (Lecce)

Lecce breathe clean air, thanks to the new waste collection service entrusted to Monteco Srl.

In a modern and civil society, cleanliness is not an option, and an artistic and cultural jewel of Lecce caliber certainly deserves to be treated with kid gloves. The air is changed, we make a difference together!

The Municipal Collection Center are located on the street Grassi, 150 (in front of the IP), on the avenue Giovanni Paolo II,158, on street Francesco Marzano, 14 (Industrial Aera) and on SP4 for Novoli, Km 4. You can access the CCRs during opening hours within, and not more than, 15 minutes before opening.

Open to the Public Collection Center on the street Grassi, 150:

⦁ Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7AM to 1PM

⦁ Wednesday and Saturday from 3PM to 7PM

⦁ Sunday from 7AM to 1PM

Open to the Public Collection Center on the avenue Giovanni Paolo II, 158:(Bulky "padded" waste such as mattresses, sofas, armchairs, etc. CANNOT be disposed of. until further notice)

⦁ Monday and Friday from 1PM to 7PM

⦁ Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7AM to 1PM

⦁ Sunday from 7AM to 1AM

Open to the Public Collection Center on the street Francesco Marzano, 14:

⦁ Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 1PM to 7PM

⦁ Wednesday and Friday from 7AM to 1PM.

Open to the Public Collection Center on SP4 for Novoli, Km 4 (only NON-hazardous waste):

⦁ Monday and Saturday from 7AM to 1PM

⦁ Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 1PM to 7AM

The first assignment is required copy of the bill on Waste Fee and show the Health Card.

To get the separate collection kit, the composters or informing purpose materials and the basis of valid identity document, health card and a copy of the last bill on Waste Rate, go  the Front Office set up .

Opening to the public of the Front Office invia Diaz 34 for domestic use only: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30AM to 12:30PM, Wednesday afternoon from 4PM to 6PM. Closed on public holidays.

For NON-Domestic Utilities and for the delivery of condominium trolleys, the service takes place by appointment via e-mail to be sent to

The automatic bags dispensers for the separate collection of organic and plastic is installed in Viale Aldo Moro, accessible to citizens (Household Users) from Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 6PM, and by accessing the market from the entrance of via Manifattura tabacchi, every day of the week - except Thursday - from 6.30AM to 2PM and from 16.45PM to 8PM and on Sunday from 7.30AM to 1.30PM. To use it, the user must be registered in the Tari database of the Municipality of Lecce and be in possession of the health card. The vending machine works by inserting the health card and entering the required supply.


 Calendario Centro Storico - Utenze Domestiche

 Calendario Centro Storico - Utenze NON Domestiche

 Calendario Zona A - Utenze Domestiche

 Calendario Zona A - Utenze NON Domestiche

 Calendario Zona B - Utenze Domestiche

 Calendario Zona B - Utenze NON Domestiche

 Calendario Zona C - Utenze Domestiche

 Calendario Zona C - Utenze NON Domestiche

 Calendario Zona D - Utenze Domestiche

 Calendario Zona D - Utenze NON Domestiche

 Calendario Zona E - Utenze Domestiche

 Calendario Zona E - Utenze NON Domestiche

 Calendario Zona F - Utenze Domestiche

 Calendario Zona F - Utenze NON Domestiche

 Calendario Marine e Case Sparse 1.0 - Utenze Domestiche

 Calendario Marine e Case Sparse 2.0 - Utenze Domestiche

 Calendario Marine e Case Sparse - Utenze NON Domestiche

 Calendario Zona Industriale Utenze NON Domestiche

 Planimetria con zone di Raccolta

 Elenco vie con relative zone di raccolta

 Conto Corrente Ambientale - Richiesta PIN


 Waste disposal handbook

 Carta dei Servizi

 Questionario per il monitoraggio della soddisfazione dell'utente

 Modulo richiesta badge per isole interrate

 Modulo richiesta compostiera

 Modulo Reclami e Segnalazioni

 Elenco ubicazioni contenitori per Farmaci

 Elenco ubicazioni contenitori per Pile

 Elenco ubicazioni contenitori per T e/o F






 Raccolta Differenziata se positivi al Covid-19 - 2022

 Dichiarazione sostitutiva per il ritiro del kit

 Regolamento Eco-Concorso_PORTA_PESA_E_VINCI

 Autodichiarazione TELEVISORI

 Household Users Historical City Center

 Household Users Zone A

 Household Users Zone B

 Household Users Zone C

 Household Users Zone D

 Household Users Zone E

 Household Users Zone F

 Household Users Seaside and Scattered Houses 1.0

 Household Users Seaside and Scattered Houses 2.0

How to contact the city

Phone: Numero Verde: 800 801020

Fax: 0832 792301